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PRICE is the #1 most important factor in the sale of your home



The value of your property is determined by what a ready willing and able buyer  will pay for it in the open market, which will be based upon the value of other recent closed sales.

DO NOT automatically list with the agent that gives you the highest price.


“Expect the agent to suggest a price range, but don’t let that frame you in. Be aware that some devious agents will, at first, suggest a very handsome price. Then, after they have the listing and the house hasn’t sold, they’ll come back with a pitch to lower the price.”

On the average… Buyers inspect 12 homes before making an offer.

That means 11 other homes are competing against yours

When you work with us, we want to act in YOUR best interests.

We’re eager to have you share your concerns & expectations about the sale of your home


We have a unique system to attract buyers and ensure that each buyer will be properly assisted in finding the home that they are searching for. My team has a system that focuses specifically on assisting the large inventory of buyers that our innovative marketing strategies produce. Each buyer is interviewed to determine the features and specifications that they are looking for in a home. That data is then entered into a computer system that will list the homes that match the buyer’s criteria.


Buyers are given the features and benefits of those homes that meet their criteria, and will be assisted through each step of the process.


We focus all our efforts on finding a buyer for your home, unlike traditional agents who passively wait for a buyer to come along.


The system allows us to give exceptional service to a large inventory of buyers.


You can cancel your listing anytime. You can relax, knowing you won’t be locked into a lengthy contract. Enjoy the caliber of service confident enough to make this offer.